We Rocked the Mock! Now for the Summer Challenge!

What to do for the summer break? Keep up the work you’ve started and EARN A SUMMER SHIRT (while supplies last-I have a bunch!!). To keep you motivated and moving, I am offering the opportunity of the following challenge:
Continue your workouts throughout the summer break without our organized mentored program –
June 13th – August 10th (9 weeks).
Log your workouts on the RoCo Fit Exercise Log (obtain via email-renettah@health.ok.gov) and turn it in at the PRE PACE ACTIVITY for Fall- August 11th.
To get a summer shirt you must do and log at least 150 minutes of EXERCISE EVERY WEEK. You can do any EXERCISES and they can be broken up into shorter periods (3 days at 50 min., 4 days of 40 min., etc. and each day can also be broken into shorter periods too) just as long as each week you get a total of 150 min. of EXERCISE. It can be done inside or outside, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the workout time finished each week. It MUST BE ACTIVITY CONSIDERED AN EXERCISE- sorry, gardening and the like will not work this time (that will be good cross-training and benefits you!). EXERCISE are things like walking, running, swimming-not floating, bicycling, weight training, yoga, pilates, exercise DVDs, sports, etc.

Questions or need a log – email Renetta Harrison at renettah@health.ok.gov

FREE Rock the Mock 5k – Thursday, June 9th, Claremore Lake Park

Public of all ages are welcome! Come join in the free fun. Tatur Racing will be starting/finishing the race with their arch and Chameleon Sounds will be playing music!

Volunteers for Youth/Healthy Community Partnership will have games for kids starting at 5:00 p.m. and free t-shirts to first 150 kids.

5:30 p.m. – 1 mile fun/run begins
6:00 p.m. – 5k begins
Medals for all finishers thanks to Volunteers for Youth/Healthy Community Partnership

DRESS UP AS YOUR FAVORITE DECADE!!! Enjoy music from all decades playing along the 5k route.

No registration.

Another Stormy Day–No RoCo Fit tonight, April 26.

With the approaching/predicted bad, stormy weather for this evening, we are canceling RoCo Fit for today, April 26. Everyone gets a point.

For the intrepid: there may be a few mentors at the lake willing to take on the elements–if there is no lightening, hail, or other really really bad stuff. Show up if you want to take a chance there will be someone willing to “dance in the rain” with you, but most of all, your own safety is your own decision.

TRAIN FUN! (And Safe!)

Spring Registration is Closed! We are in Full Swing Now!

Workouts for spring session are in full swing! Everyone registered is doing awesome and we are excited to see you reach your goal! Check back here for updates on things happening during the spring session.

TONIGHT is the RoCo Fit Form and Gear Clinic at Rogers County Health Department, 2664 N. Hwy 88, Claremore at 6:00 p.m – the public is welcome to come learn about proper walking and running form, plus hear and see all the cool gear you can reward yourself with for doing your workouts. This is all free and none of the gear we show is required or sold by RoCo Fit. Information only…participants will get a point towards their incentive shirt for attendance tonight.

We are sorry, but the spring session of RoCo Fit is closed now due to the progressive workout schedule. We will be doing this again in the fall. Please mark your calendar for our information meeting on August 1st, at NTC-Claremore, 1901 N. Hwy 88, Claremore, OK at 6:00 p.m.

Registration for fall session will open in mid-summer, check back on this website for updates. Questions? Contact Renetta Harrison, renettah@health.ok.gov or 918-341-3166.

Registration Closing April 5th!

If you are interested in joining our FREE “couch to 5k” walk and walk/run program, do it NOW because we will close registration Tuesday, April 5th.

Don’t forget you MUST also fill out the Pre-Survey by the end of next week and it is required for an incentive shirt.

Come join this fun fitness group – you’ll be glad you did!

Questions? contact Renetta at renettah@health.ok.gov or 918-341-3166

RoCo Fit Workouts Have Begun – You Can Still Join US!!!

This is the last week to join our free program. Register on this website by clicking the Registration link and filling out the Pre-Survey link too. Then join us for a workout at Claremore Lake every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. – we meet at the first shelter on the left after the entrance to the lake.

We are a FREE couch to 5k program working towards getting more people moving in Rogers County. Anyone who lives, works, plays, learns, or visits may join us if they are at least 13 years old (stroller babies are welcome). All minors must be in the same group as their parent/guardian. We have fitness levels for everyone!

Don’t miss out on this free fun way to get healthier! Come join today!!

For more info or questions, contact Renetta Harrison, Coordinator, at 918-341-3166 or email renettah@health.ok.gov.

RoCo Spring Starts TONIGHT! It’s always FREE!!!

Pace Activity at Claremore High School Track, 6:00 p.m. tonight (located on Florence off of Blue Starr Dr. and across from public library). This is required for the incentives, however you can make it up before Week #3 begins.

Tonight you will walk or run or walk/run at your comfortable pace around the track up to 4 laps (approx. 1 mile). We will record your time and then do it again the last week of the program to show your progress! This helps evaluate the program and give you a base line.

When you arrive at the track – if you have NOT registered, you will need to do that first (find Renetta and the mentors with the forms). After you are registered, please proceed to the track, find a mentor (RoCo Fit Shirts), tell them your name so they can write it on a card with your starting time, as soon as you are handed your card, carry it around the track for 4 laps (or as many as you can but no more than 4), when you are finishing your 4th lap, look at the clock, remember the time, then hand your card to a mentor and tell him/her the time you finished. They will keep the card for our log and you are free to leave.
If you miss tonight, please do this on your own at the track and email Renetta (renettah@health.ok.gov) the total time it takes you to finish 4 laps.

See you Thursday at Claremore Lake – first shelter on the left after the entrance – 6:00 p.m. or BEFORE please.

This is going to be a fun program! Come join us – register anytime before April 7th – we close registration that day (for injury prevention purposes since this is a progressive fitness program).

Spring 2016 Registration is OPEN!

“It’s Time for RoCo Fit – Registration for Spring Session Now Open”

RoCo Fit is a FREE fitness training program for anyone age 13 years and older who wants to get healthier with a fun mentored group (strollers are welcome). We will help you walk or walk/run your way to becoming more fit. If you have a goal to lose or maintain weight, lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk for heart disease or diabetes, relieve your arthritis pain, get out and enjoy the outdoors, or to meet new people and have fun, we are here to show you the way!

We have mentored fitness groups for all levels from beginner walking (no to very little physical activity) to advanced running with everything in between (several intermediate levels of walking and walk/run). All RoCo Fit groups welcome anyone at least 13 yrs. of age who lives, works, plays, and/or learns in Rogers County. Minors will be required to have a parent or guardian in the same group (strollers are welcome).

The best people to describe this program are past participants:
“Before I started RoCo, I found it hard to workout on a consistent basis, it was too hot, too cold, boring, my knees always hurt, no time…Since joining RoCo, I have more energy, I have someone to walk with, my knees no longer hurt, and I’ve lost 20 lbs.!!! This is a wonderful program and I am so thankful for the support and encouragement. Thank you.”
“RoCo Fit has been so great!!!! There are nights that I didn’t want to go (wanted to be lazy instead), but left feeling so proud and in such a better mood after making myself go! It has been so wonderful making new friends and receiving so much encouragement from not only the mentors but other fellow runners. Everyone is so friendly!! I never thought that I would be one of those runners that you drive by and see running on a Saturday morning, but I am one now and I love it!!! It’s a great feeling completing this fitness program. I tried something similar last year and due to injury wasn’t able to complete. This has been a huge accomplishment for me and I have RoCo Fit to thank for helping me along the way!!!
“RoCo Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would you want to do anything else! The people, the program and everything associated with this great activity are the best thing I have ever participated in, and want to continue to do so.”
“Thank you to all the mentors and leaders of RoCo Fit . This program is wonderful! My husband and I have done this together the last two sessions and what a great thing for us. He has lost almost 20 pounds and I recently had a complete physical and numbers that were better than ever! I would encourage couples to try this together! It’s awesome!”
“I have been with RoCo for 2 years now and to date have lost a total of 50 pounds, cut my blood pressure medicine in half and am no longer considered a Type II diabetic. I have been so blessed by the people of RoCo whether it is the mentors, my group participants, or even other group members, everyone is always so supportive and encouraging and I truly appreciate that. It is the best love/hate relationship I’ve ever had!”

If you are interested in finding out more you may contact the coordinator, Renetta Harrison, Health Educator for Rogers County Health Department at renettah@health.ok.gov or call 918-341-3166 ext. 208 or 918-698-7903 for questions and registration information. Don’t wait, come join a free fun group and improve your health this year!

REGISTER on this website now – click Forms and Registration Form Spring 2016