Spring-2014 Session Gearing Up–What’s First?

A great crowd attended the Introduction Meeting at NTC.

Part of the eager crowd at the RoCo Fit Introduction Night for the Spring 2014 Session: 4 March 2014.

Part of the eager crowd at the RoCo Fit Introduction Night for the Spring 2014 Session: 4 March 2014.

What’s Next?

“Pacing Night” is Thursday, March 6, at the Andy Payne Track at Claremore High School. 6PM start. Everyone should come prepared to go four laps; we’ll time you for that, which is our tentative sorting into the 8 pace groups. It will also give you a base line for fitness, and we’ll measure again after 10 weeks, to see your improvement.

Note, you must sign up to participate in our session–no cost to do it, but we need to know who is participating for safety reasons. If not signed up yet, you can come to the Pacing Night and do it there. If you cannot make it to Pacing Night, join us at Claremore Lake on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning March 11 and sign up there. We start our workouts at promptly at 6:00 pm, so come early to sign up. BUT, you must sign up before the second week of the session; the training is progressive, and if you miss more than the first two weeks, you will miss out on the basics.


It’s 2014. ALREADY!!

We are starting to stir from our long winter’s nap.

Check back soon for details of the next, fabulous session: it will start in early March 2014.

Thanks for your patience.

Stay warm and get ready to be fit.

Session for 5/2/2013 Cancelled

The fitness sessions for Thursday, May 2, 2013 have been cancelled do to sleet, rain, and bone-chilling, nose-numbing, skin-icing wind chill.

Too bad we can’t bottle this weather and save some for Summer.

Stay warm and dry, all. Don’t forget to cover you tender plants, too.

RoCo Fit Receives Funds from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of OK

Check from BCBS to RoCo Fit 3-2013 photo

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) contributed $1,260.00 to Rogers County Fitness Training Program. The contribution is a corporate match for BCBSOK employee, Kim Miller, volunteer hours. Kim has donated many hours as a mentor for Rogers County Free Fitness Training Program (RoCo Fit) and continues to mentor RoCo Fit participants to become more physically active and improve their health.  BCBSOK seeks to remain a vital part of the lives and health of Oklahomans and are committed to partnering with local organizations to improve the well-being of the communities and are honored to support those efforts.

Kim Miller, BCBSOK employee and RoCo Fit mentor, presented the $1,260.00 check to several other RoCo Fit mentors at the RoCo Fit Spring Pace Grouping Activity on March 14th. The mentors selected to use the funds to purchase incentives for participants to encourage them to continue their fitness efforts. RoCo Fit is thankful to BCBSOK for this award and to Kim Miller for her continued mentorship.

Spring is Coming–with NEW SESSION

Mark your calendars: the Spring Session is coming in March.


  • Informational meeting will be March 12, 2013. 6:30 pm, at the Claremore Community Center, 2301 North Sioux, next to Powers Park.
  • The first session for pacing-group determination and additional registration will be March 14, 6:00 pm, at the Claremore High School Andy Payne Track.
  • First Regular Session will be Tuesday, March 19, 6pm at Claremore Lake.

Details available from Renetta Harrison: P 918-698-7903, E: renettah@health.ok.gov

See you then; until then, continue to TRAIN FUN.