About Us

 Our Name, RoCo Fit is short for Rogers County Fitness. As everyone in Rogers County, Oklahoma, knows, many programs here are preceded with “RoCo.” We point this out right up front to avoid confusion with the nice lady trainer in London with the similar website rocofit.com. We’re not her, and she’s not us. Probably no confusion by reason of geography, but those are the facts.

RoCo Fit is an unincorporated collection of people dedicated to helping others get fit and become healthier. It is an outgrowth of the Healthy Lifestyles initiative of the Healthy Community Partnership, itself a collection of people and other groups looking for ways to raise health in Rogers County.

RoCo Fit is not organized for profit. There are no dues or fees charged for the service. We have no assets, except those periodically donated by people and groups dedicated to improving health in Rogers County. (That includes this website.)

None of this is to say we don’t have our friends and monetary supporters.

We are deeply indebted to and grateful for the following supporters:


No organized effort succeeds without someone with talent and time to commit to it to hold it together. RCHD provides that in our chief organizer, cheerleader, teacher and friend in the form of Renetta Harrison. She is our main contact, too, and you can reach her at RCHD: 918-341-3166, ext 208, or by email: renettah@health.ok.gov.

Rogers County Health Department will also supply technical shirts for participants who complete 70% of the scheduled training sessions leading up to the goal event or end of session.

Details on other programs of the Rogers County Health Department can be found at its website: http://www.ok.gov/health/County_Health_Departments/Rogers_County_Health_Department/



Everyone living in the Cherokee Nation (which includes all of Rogers County and much of Northeast Oklahoma) is eligible to become a member of WINGS. It is free. More importantly, it sponsors a great number of races in the area, and WINGS members can be in the race for free (subject to signing up before the race).

For details on the WINGS program, check out the HEALTHY NATION/WINGS website: http://healthynation.cherokee.org/Wings.aspx


Healthy Community Partnership https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Healthy-Community-Partnership/143908668977985


And, last but certainly not least, OUR current VOLUNTEER MENTORS (in no particular order):

Anita Townsend
Carolyn Swopes
Charles Wilson
Cindy Robison
Debbie Ficklin
Elaine Richey
Gary Harrison
Jenny Allen
Kipp Love
Larry Lynch
Larry Rahmeier
Lisa Melton
Lisa Lippert
Lisa Rogers
Mark Jensen
Mark Wilson
Melissa Cottom
Nena Wells
Pam Mitchell
Patricia Hindenburg
Randal Perisho
Renetta Harrison
Renie Doherty
Shannon Hernandez
Steve St. John
Tammy Wilson
Terry Bales
Tita Walton
Tony Cottom
Troy Lippert
Vicky Zincke