Walk AND Walk/Run Groups

Our Groups divide members into two broad categories: run-walk (Groups 1 through 4) and walk (Groups 5 through 8). The higher the number, the slower the pace. The training is progressive: it starts out with short intervals then increases the duration of the intervals and increases number of intervals, over the course of the 12-week session. We concentrate on distance each week, NOT pace – however, you will improve both during the session.

Our first and next to last workouts are a one-mile flat out and back. This is part of the evaluation for participants and program allowing everyone to see their improvement. These two workouts, the pre and post surveys, and completing 70% of all workouts are required to qualify for the incentive shirt provided to program from Rogers County Health Department.

Note too that our program is aerobic, not anaerobic. That is, we exercise, whether running or walking, not to be out of breath. The standard measure is: if you cannot converse while running or walking at the pace your group goes, then you are attempting to go too fast. Consult your mentor about whether you should drop back to a slower group to build your endurance-this one of the health benefits for you.

There are two other un-mentored groups: those who want to really run fast and/or farther than a 5k, and those who really want to walk fast and/or farther than a 5k. These are our RoCo LoCo Motion Club members – RoCo LoCos, and if you are an experienced runner or fast walker, just show up and look for them – they would be glad to have you run or walk with them. No dues for the Club! Just lots of fun.