Free Walk or Walk/Run Program! Starts Again March 2017.

RoCo Fit is a free 12 week couch to 5k walk or walk/run program open twice a year to anyone 13 yrs. and older. There are groups for everyone from “off the couch” to “advanced running and race walking.” All groups are mentored by volunteers who are past participants of the program who want to give back to something that helped them.

Workouts begin and end with a 1 mile (or as far up to 1 mile as you are able to go) pre/post assessment workout on an outdoor track. Regular twice weekly workouts on Claremore Lake Park Trails (paved) occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. There is a 5:00 p.m. group that meets at the same location, but who are physically challenged, unable to walk more than a mile due to a health issue, need an assistance device (cane, walker, etc.), or with another physical reason making them unable to walk in a group.

Workout format for the first 3 workouts: all walkers go together and all walk/run participants go together in two large groups. In the middle of the 3rd workout, mentors divide up into 8-10 small groups according to fitness levels during an actual workout. The groups formed will continue for the remainder of the 12 week session. The schedule progresses in time each week with pace increasing only as the group is able and ready. The final workout and goal of all groups is to finish a free Mock 5k Race (3.1 miles) at Claremore Lake.

Also offered during the 12 weeks are free educational clinics (Walk/Run Gear, Walking Form/Running Form, Safety, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Core Strength, Benefits of Massage Therapy). The clinics are presented by local professionals either at a workout or at Rogers County Health Department and are open to the public free of charge. All participants will also receive weekly educational and informative emails and possibly a few cross training opportunities from fitness specialists.

Participants are eligible for a program incentive tech shirt when they register, complete the required evaluations (pre/post health surveys and pre/post 1 mile assessments), and finish 70% of the workouts. Past participants are welcome to serve as mentors after attending Mentor Orientation/Training.

For more information or questions, please contact the coordinator, Renetta Harrison, at Rogers County Health Department, 918-341-3166 or

To join this program, please fill out the registration form AND PRE SURVEY on this website-both are required for participation.